Meet the Ocean presents

Winter in Antarctica

The worlds of performance and conservation combine in an acrobatic journey through the underwater ecosystems of Antarctica to highlight the need for Marine Protected Areas in the Southern Ocean. All proceeds benefit Meet the Ocean’s educational outreach. 501(c)(3) Nonprofit.

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A Virtual Performance for the Planet

All proceeds benefit the educational outreach programs of Meet the Ocean and the Vegas circus community who performed for their planet.

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All sales above ticket price are a tax-deductible donation to Meet the Ocean. 501c3 Nonprofit

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Produced by

Executive Producers

Wrara Plesoiu

Paul North

Special Thanks

Sponsored by

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Stephan Choiniere – Acrobatic Choreographer

Danna Parker – Dance Choreographer

Benedikt Baumann – Nevada Rhythmic Academy Choreographer


Jordan Kolar – Music

Andrew Gettings – Audio Engineer and Music

Mike Wynn – Performance Videographer


Kerren McKeeman

Lina Tabakova

Stephan Choiniere

Benedikt Baumann

Alina Syunkova

Arynn Akridge

Elena Sanders

Nevada Rhythmic Dancers 

Level 8

Anita Harutyunyan

Ashly Gittinger

Alysa Gittinger

Bianca Bartlett

Elizabeth Lusikyan

Elizabeth Kaleva

Level 9

Katia Polina

Sophie Tanner

Mallory Evensvold

Angelina Harutyunyan

Clara Kang

Yana Golovan

Brandi Montoya

The Penguin Pen Pal Program is an immersive Antarctic educational experience for children. Designed to stimulate the imagination, connect to wild places, and rekindle the magic of having a pen pal – this program brings Antarctica to life for the at-home learner and classroom setting.

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