Winter in Antarctica

An award winning film that combines the best of Las Vegas with underwater media from the remote Southern Ocean. A performance for the planet that presents insight into Antarctic ecosystems and the immediate need for their international protection.

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Behind the Scenes

Produced by

Executive Producers

Wrara Plesoiu

Paul North

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Stephan Choiniere – Acrobatic Choreographer

Danna Parker – Dance Choreographer

Benedikt Baumann – Nevada Rhythmic Academy Choreographer


Jordan Kolar – Music

Andrew Gettings – Audio Engineer and Music

Mike Wynn – Performance Videographer


Kerren McKeeman

Lina Tabakova

Stephan Choiniere

Benedikt Baumann

Alina Syunkova

Arynn Akridge

Elena Sanders

Nevada Rhythmic Dancers 

Level 8

Anita Harutyunyan

Ashly Gittinger

Alysa Gittinger

Bianca Bartlett

Elizabeth Lusikyan

Elizabeth Kaleva

Level 9

Katia Polina

Sophie Tanner

Mallory Evensvold

Angelina Harutyunyan

Clara Kang

Yana Golovan

Brandi Montoya